El-Taibat food co. was established in 2000 for the production of canned food according to the update technologies.

The factory was equipped with three lines for the production of canned legumes, olives and juices. The lines were imported from a very well-known international companies, mean while the company has well trained stuff of professional engineers and technicians who keep developing the products to reach the optimum quality.


The establishment of El-Taibat can factory in 2008 marked a landmark in Libyan industry as one of the first private can making factories in the country , this factory which produces 3 piece tinplate cans for the food industry, in many sizes, lengths and diameters , uses the most advanced an making technologies to ensure that our product is of are high speed ,high tech ,high precision, systems, which produce 3-piece cans of high quality, the line capability is approximately 300-Cpm and conforms to world standards. The factory has a qualified staff of administrators, engineers, technicians, and quality control staff, that keep the quality of our products at a high level.


Our customers always trust our products because we only use authentic raw materials in our blends.


The company applies the total quality management system(TQM) and was certified with ISO 9001-2000


With authenticity and quality control in check, our products will always taste good and fresh.